Microneedling Treatment in West Hills, CA

As medical professionals, we rightfully marvel at the advancements in our field.

Take microneedling–a treatment we provide with expert proficiency at Raw Beauty Medical Spa in West Hills, CA.

The roots of microneedling go back to 1905 when Ernst Kromayer–a German dermatologist–used a rotating arsenal of dental burs. These small surgical drills treated hyperpigmentation, birthmarks, and scars.

Perhaps, Dr. Kromayer’s treatments were effective. All the same,  they don’t sound like they were all that pleasant.

Microneedling Treatment in West Hills CA

Fast-forward to well over a century later, and we’ve come a long way with microneedling. Instead of crude dental drills that would cause severe discomfort and pain for patients, Raw Beauty Medical Spa uses the Rejuvapen.

An FDA-cleared microneedling device, Rejuvapen NXT®’s precise microneedling is painless, requires minimal recovery time, and takes just over an hour per session.

Do You Want To Enhance The Appearance Of Your Skin?

Do you suffer from acne-related scarring and want to reduce the appearance of your blemishes? If so, our Rejuvapen-powered microneedling treatments in West Hills, CA, will make your scars look less severe and decrease the noticeability of large pores.

Additionally, Raw Beauty Medical Spa’s microneedling treatment in West Hills, CA, can fine-tune your fine lines and wrinkles, improving their appearance.

Below, we’ll delve deeper into microneedling and why it’s an optimal way to enhance your skin:

Defining Microneedling

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy and uses a fine-needle roller or pen device to make minuscule holes in your skin’s top layer.

This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure promotes elastin and collagen production in your skin, increasing cream, serum, and face mask absorption.

As discussed earlier, at Raw Beauty in West Hills, CA, we perform Rejuvapen microneedling treatments, a state-of-the-art, FDA-Approved tool.

How Microneedling Works

Injured skin produces more elastin and collagen. This process aids healing.

Due to elastin, your skin tone remains reliant and taut, while collagen maintains your skin’s radiance and firmness.

With collagen and elastin as catalysts, your skin produces new tissue, enhancing the appearance of uneven skin tones, fine lines, and scars.

The tiny holes made in your skin via microneedling allow for superior absorption of your skincare products’ active ingredients. With their improved absorbability, these ingredients can penetrate the deepest levels of your skin.  

You can tailor your microneedling treatments to meet your unique skincare needs by using professional-grade products after sessions. This way, you can better mitigate and manage your given skincare issues.

What Skincare Issues Does Microneedling Help Manage?

The primary skin concerns targeted by microneedling are as follows:

  • Acne
  • Scarring
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Dull skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Sagging skin

Since microneedling increases elastin and collagen production, it tightens your skin and makes the texture more even. In doing so, there’s a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars.

It’s worth noting that microneedling isn’t only for your face. You can have the treatment applied to the scarring, aging signs, and poor skin tone anywhere on your body.

Who Are Ideal Microneedling Candidates?

Seeing as microneedling helps offset many common issues with skin, it might be easier to ask who ISN’T a microneedling candidate?

To answer the above question, anybody who’s dealt with excessive scarring or keloids should avoid these treatments. Furthermore, all pregnant women should avoid microneedling. You should also discuss the potential for microneedling sessions with your physician before scheduling a microneedling session if you have open wounds, eczema, or psoriasis.

Beyond the above exceptions, anyone suffering from the skin conditions discussed throughout this article is an ideal candidate for our microneedling treatments in West Hills, CA.

Explaining A Microneedling Treatment At Raw Beauty

Typically, microneedling sessions take over an hour and can last a couple hours when combined with other treatments.

Before receiving any microneedling, your practitioner will apply a numbing cream to prevent discomfort. Afterward, your practitioner will maneuver the Rejuvapen around your treatment site in a measured, methodical fashion. 

Don’t be surprised if you bleed throughout the procedure, as it’s a normal response.

Once your session is finished, your practitioner will apply the masks, serums, or peels combined with your microneedling treatments. From there, a calming product might be applied to your skin to encourage healing while soothing your skin.

How Will Your Body Respond Immediately After Microneedling?

Expect your skin to look slightly pink or red after the completion of your microneedling session. However, this response will likely disappear within around two days. Applying makeup can mask any post-appointment redness.

During the healing process, your skin will be incredibly sensitive, so wear sunscreen as a protective measure. Avoid gyms and swimming pools until your skin heals to stave off infections.

Most often, it’ll take a day or two before you can resume your regular skincare regime.

How Long Will It Take To See Results From Our Microneedling Treatments In West Hills, CA?

According to many patients, it can take less than a week after a microneedling session to experience firmer, smoother skin.

You’ll increase your chances for the best results by planning multiple microneedling sessions, typically four to six weeks apart. This length between treatments allows your skin to fully heal.

Expect your skin to generate more elastin and collagen for around a month after receiving a microneedling treatment.

Do You Want To Begin Your Microneedling Treatments In West Hills, CA?

Receiving cosmetic care is a profoundly personal and vulnerable experience that requires a trusting and empathetic approach from the surest possible hands.

At Raw Beauty, we put our patient’s needs first, catering our cosmetic treatments based on their unique circumstances.

Choosing us to provide your microneedling treatments in West Hills, CA, ensures you’ll receive top-tier care from practitioners who prioritize your well-being. We want to work with you to help you look and feel your best.

Are you ready to improve the appearance of acne, fine lines, uneven skin tone, or scarring?

Then, it could be time to start microneedling treatments with Raw Beauty. Send us a message today and request a free quote today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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