Botox Treatment in West Hills, CA

Yesterday, you were hiking in Upper Las Virgenes Canyon. You ended the day with restorative yoga. You had a superfood smoothie for breakfast this morning. You work hard to maintain your flexibility and strength. And, it works great for you. You feel better than you ever have before.

If a fitness-focused lifestyle works for the rest of your body, it makes sense to try facial exercises. Unfortunately, these facial exercises alone won’t end wrinkles and lines.

You consider plastic surgery. But that’s an invasive procedure with risks of complications. There was a time when your body mass index was too high. But you didn’t use weight-loss surgery. You took the natural approach of adjusting your diet and exercising. You want to do something similar for the skin on your face.

Botox Injection Treatment in West Hills CA

That’s where Botox comes in. You can boost the effects of Botox with facial exercises. Facial exercises without Botox are like lifting weights without high-protein smoothies. Think of Botox as an essential part of your facial fitness routine.

Botox has a record of safety and effectiveness going back over twenty years. If you live in West Hills, CA, come to our Woodland Hills office today. Our expert clinicians will put you on the right track to facial fitness.

What Is Botox?

Botox is an injectable prescription drug that minimizes wrinkles and creases on the face. It was a groundbreaking procedure when introduced over 20 years ago. According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors have discovered several additional uses for Botox. It’s now used to treat muscle spasms, TMJ, acne, migraines, and overactive bladder.

Botox has a proven safety record spanning over two decades. It’s used to treat multiple ailments. So why wait to use this powerful medication to enhance your face’s appearance? If you live in West Hills, CA, call us today. The sooner you meet with our expert clinicians, the sooner you’ll look as young as you feel.

Who Can Get Botox?

Botox treatments are suitable for almost everyone. However, there are some persons for whom Botox is inappropriate. Expecting or nursing mothers shouldn’t use Botox. Other categories that shouldn’t take Botox include people with muscular disorders and people with weak muscles in the face.

Call us immediately to schedule a consultation at our clinic in Woodland Hills if you live in West Hills, CA. Our experts will assess your health to determine if Botox is a good fit for you. If Botox isn’t the best solution for you, we have many other treatments that may be a better fit for your face. The quicker you set your appointment, the quicker you’ll look young again.

How Does Botox Work?

The active component of Botox is onabotulinumtoxin-A. This neurotoxin blocks the Acetylcholine Receptors. At neuromuscular connections, this eases contractions. Wrinkles and lines result from these contractions. When you take away the contractions, unsightly wrinkles and lines vanish.

Areas Botox Can Treat

Botox can fix wrinkles and lines from your forehead to your neck. Different areas of the face require more or less treatment. We price Botox by the units need. For this reason, we included information on the approximate number of units required to treat each facial issue.

Horizontal Lines and Wrinkles on the Forehead

The most often treated location for Botox injections is the forehead. One of the earliest indications of aging is horizontal lines on the forehead. You’ll need 10–30 units of Botox to eliminate these lines and wrinkles.

Glabella Lines Between the Eyebrows

Another problem on the forehead is vertical lines between the brows. Your face seems angry and jaded because of these lines. To smooth out these wrinkles, 10–25 units of Botox are required.

Botox Brow Lift

Surgical brow lifts, stop eyelid drooping. With Botox, we can achieve the same thing without surgery. Your upper eyebrows are the target of the injections. For each eyebrow, 2–5 units of Botox are required.

Your eyebrows sag as you age. Your eyelids droop because of this. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause the eyebrows to sag. This eliminates eyelid drooping.

Crow’s Feet

Some of the earliest indications of aging are crow’s feet. The muscles behind the thin skin at the corners of your eyes tighten as you grin. Over time, smiling frequently causes lines to extend from the corners of your eyes, giving the appearance that a crow has inserted its claws there.

We can resolve this ugly issue with careful application of 5–15 units of Botox for each crow’s foot.

Nasalis Lines (Bunny Lines)

These lines are the wrinkles that develop by repeatedly tensing the muscles next to your nose as you laugh.

By preventing the muscles near your nose from contracting each time you laugh or smile, Botox can remove bunny lines. To get rid of bunny lines, we inject 5–10 units of Botox on either side of the nose.

Botox Nose Job

Botox can even be used to perform a nonsurgical nose job. We can relax the muscles that hold your nose down using Botox. This causes the nose’s tip to rise. We can then reshape the nose with fillers to give you the nose you want. With only 2–4 units of Botox, you can have a noninvasive nose job.

Smile Lines

These lines appear at the corner of your mouth because of years of smiling. We can remove smile lines with just 3–6 units of Botox on each side of your mouth.

Botox Lip Lift

The Botox lip lift, sometimes referred to as the Botox lip flip, combines fillers with Botox to give your lips the ideal appearance. Additionally, it gets rid of some lines that stick out vertically from the upper lip. Ten Botox units are enough for you to have perfect lips.

Botox Gummy Smile

When your lips pull back so far as to expose your top gums when smiling, you have a gummy smile. Botox can relax the muscle responsible for retraction, causing your lip to lift only so much as you need for the perfect smile. With 2–4 units of Botox, you can eliminate a gummy smile.

Dimpled Chin

With 2–4 units of Botox, your dimpled chin will be a thing of the past.

Botox Neck Band Treatment

Sagging neck muscles cause both vertical and horizontal creases. One of the most worrying indications of aging is these neck bands. We can stop the sagging of your neck muscles using 25–50 units of Botox. And you can watch your neck bands disappear.

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