Vampire Facial Treatment in Tarzana, CA

Are you ready for your first vampire facial? Does it sound a little spooky? Will you see Count Dracula at the appointment? Fortunately, there’s nothing spooky about a vampire facial. And no, there are no vampires or blood-sucking involved. There aren’t even any bats flying around. The main similarity with the fictional Count Dracula is that you’ll be eternally young — at least your face will. Oh, and there is a small amount of blood involved.

Vampire facials are an advanced therapy combining the latest microneedling techniques with PRP to give your face that youthful appearance you want. Here, we’ll discuss what a vampire facial is, how it works, what it treats, and when it’s a good choice for your face.

Vampire Facial Treatment in Tarzana CA

What Is a Vampire Facial?

Vampire facial therapy uses microneedling to stimulate your body’s own healing properties. Then, in a second step, Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) boosts your healing powers. So, what’s microneedling and PRP? Read on to learn about this super combination.


We use a Rejuvapen to make tiny punctures in the skin of your face. These microinjuries cause your body natural healing powers to kick in. It’s similar to the way lifting weights causes another type of microinjury, muscle tears, to stimulate your body to build muscle mass. Except with microneedling, the result is a smoothing of the face that reduces lines, wrinkles, scarring, and many other issues.

You can lift weights without consuming the right proteins, amino acids, and other nutrients. But the results aren’t as good. The same is true with microneedling. A few years ago, cosmetic specialists found a way to get the right nutrients into your face to maximize the effectiveness of microneedling. That’s where PRP comes in.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

With PRP, your clinician takes a small amount of blood from your arm. Remember, this is your arm — not your neck, as you would expect with a vampire. Your clinician gives the blood to a technician that runs it through a centrifuge to extract the platelet-rich plasma from the other parts of your blood.

PRP is a wonder therapy that researchers have found many new uses for over the past decade. It’s used to treat a diverse set of issues from cognitive decline to hair loss. It handles so many areas because your body’s natural healing system protects your entire body. PRP boosts your body’s natural healing powers. But what are platelets?

Platelets are the tiny cells in your blood that cause clotting. They rush to the site of any tissue damage to start the repair process. According to the Harvard Medical School, platelets secrete growth factor that promote cell growth and tissue regeneration. The concentration of platelets in your PRP is five times that of your normal blood.

So, like a protein shake provides nutrients for muscle growth after a workout, PRP provides nutrients for improved skin texture after microneedling. That’s understandable, since platelets contain protein.

PRP uses your body’s own blood to boost your body’s natural healing powers. Obviously, there’s nothing spooky about that. But it is exciting.

How Does a Vampire Facial Work?

When you arrive for your first vampire facial, we draw a small amount of blood from your arm. You’ll receive a topical anesthetic before the microneedling procedure to prevent any discomfort. While your clinician slightly pricks your skin with the Rejuvapen, a technician is preparing your PRP.

After the microneedling, your clinician applies the PRP to the treatment area. The tiny punctures from microneedling provide channels for the PRP to penetrate the soft tissue under your skin. This two-step process produces new collagen and activates stem cells.

You may have slight bruising and swelling after your procedure, but you’ll have no downtime. You can return to work. But you must leave the PCP on your face for a few hours after the procedure to achieve maximum benefits. Many patients prefer not to return to work with plasma smeared on their face. Co-workers might think they’re vampires.

Results are apparent almost immediately. But it takes a few weeks to see the full effect. For the best results, you’ll want to schedule three to six treatments with a month between each procedure. After these initial treatments, you’ll need touch-up treatments two to four times a year to maintain your results.  

What Conditions Do Vampire Facials Treat?

Vampire facials can treat many issues, such as:

  • Acne
  • Wrinkles
  • Facial lines
  • Dark circles
  • Sagging skin
  • Rough skin texture
  • Scarring
  • Enlarged pores
  • Puffy skin
  • Dull skin

A vampire facial session can treat all these issues at once. Or you may only have one facial problem. Whatever your situation, you’ll see improved skin texture and elasticity. You’ll enjoy looking in the mirror to see your youthful and clear appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Vampire Facial?

Microneedling can cause slight bleeding. People on blood thinners may bleed more than others. For this reason, tell your clinician about any prescriptions you’re taking during your consultation at our Woodland Hills office. Blood thinners also affect your body’s ability to produce the high-quality PRP necessary for a vampire facial. In these cases, we usually recommend an alternative treatment.

Other issues that may affect your ability to benefit from a vampire facial include chronic conditions like lupus or thyroid disease. We’ll need to discuss your medical history at your consultation.


Okay Tarzana, CA, what are you waiting for? You now know about the exciting benefits vampire facials provide. You also know there are no vampires involved. Book an appointment today to make the short drive to our Woodland Hills office for your vampire facial consultation.

You can click the “book now” button at the top right of your screen or you can call us at (818) 446-6111. We look forward to helping you reach the image you always wanted. Oh, and by the way, we promise that Count Dracula will not meet you at the office.

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