Botox Treatment in Tarzana, CA

You do so many things for your health. You eat all the right superfoods. You work out with weights and cardio. You maintain flexibility with yoga. You live an outdoorsy California lifestyle. You feel the best you have in your entire life. Despite the perfect longevity lifestyle, you notice some issues.

Crow’s feet are showing at the corners of your eyes. Lines appear on your forehead. You see more wrinkles by the day. And it’s getting worse. But you feel great. You’re wondering why you don’t look as good as you feel. The problem is there’s no exercise or workout that can eliminate wrinkles. Relax. We have a solution for you.

Botox has proven itself over the past 20 years as the most effective anti-aging prescription on the market. Our skillfully administered Botox treatments can restore vitality to your face. If you live in Tarzana, CA, don’t wait another day before your first treatment at our office in Woodland Hills.

Botox Treatment in Tarzana CA

What Is Botox?

Botox is an injectable prescription medication that reduces facial wrinkles and lines. It was the first treatment of its kind. Over the years, doctors have found several other uses for Botox. Now, Botox is also a common treatment for TMJ, migraines, excessive sweating, and overactive bladder.

With over 20 years of proven safety for many issues, what are you waiting for, Tarzana, CA? Call us today so we can restore your face to look the way it should.

Who Can Get Botox?

Almost anyone is a good candidate for Botox treatments. But there are some people that shouldn’t use Botox. This group includes people who are pregnant or nursing. According to the world-famous Cleveland Clinic, other groups that shouldn’t use Botox include those with:

  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Weak facial muscles

If Botox isn’t a good fit for you, we have many other wrinkle-busting treatments available for the people of Tarzana, CA. Call us today to set up a consultation at our office in Woodland Hills.

How Does Botox Work?

OnaBotulinumtoxin-A is the active ingredient in Botox. It’s a neurotoxin that blocks the Acetylcholine Receptors. This relaxes contractions at neuromuscular junctions. These contractions cause wrinkles and lines. With reduced contractions, wrinkles and lines disappear.

Areas Botox Can Treat

Botox has can do a lot for you. The following list shows some of the many ways Botox can help you. Since we price Botox by the units used, we have included the approximate number of units needed to treat each area. Keep in mind that Botox will have to be re-administered every few months to keep that youthful appearance.

Your Forehead

This is the most common area for Botox injections. Horizontal lines on the forehead are one of the first signs of aging. To smooth out horizontal lines, you’ll need 10–30 units of Botox.


Vertical lines between the eyebrows are another issue on the forehead. These lines give your face an angry and weathered appearance. You’ll need 10–25 units of Botox to smooth out these lines.


Eyelid Drooping

No, we do not inject Botox into your eyelids. But we can prevent eyelid dropping with Botox. We perform a nonsurgical version of a brow lift. The injections are into your upper eyebrows. You’ll need 2–5 units of Botox for each eyebrow.


Aging causes your eyebrows to sag. This causes your eyelids to droop. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause the eyebrows to sag. This solves eyelid dropping with no surgery.

Crow’s Feet

These are some of the first signs of aging. As you smile, the muscles under the thin skin at the corners of your eyes contract. Repeated smiling over the years leads to lines branching out from the eye corners until it looks like a crow has implanted its claws on the corners of your eyes.

Careful administration of 5–15 units of Botox for each crow’s foot will solve this unsightly problem.


Your Nose

Botox can not only solve issues near your nose, like bunny lines. It can also provide a nonsurgical nose job!

Bunny lines are the lines that appear from years of scrunching the muscles near your nose whenever you laugh. That’s not fair. Laughter is supposed to ward off aging, not make it worse!

Botox can erase bunny lines by causing the muscles near your nose not to contract every time you laugh or smile. We use 5–10 units of Botox on each side of the nose to eliminate bunny lines.


But what about that nonsurgical nose job? Botox can relax the muscles that pull your nose down. This raises the tip of the nose. Then fillers can be used to re-shape the nose so you’ll have the nose you desire. Nonsurgical nose jobs require 2–4 units of Botox.


Your Smile

Botox can eliminate smile lines, lift your lips, and reduce a gummy smile.

Smile lines are the lines that sometimes form at the corner of your mouth. It only takes 3–6 units of Botox on each side of your mouth to erase these lines.


The Botox lip flip, also known as the Botox lip lift, uses Botox combined with fillers to give your lips the desired look. It also eliminates some lines extending vertically from the upper lip. The Botox lip flip requires 10 units of Botox.

A gummy smile is when your lips retract so much as to show the gums above your upper teeth. Botox can weaken the muscle retraction, causing your lip not to raise so much as to show the gums. A gummy smile treatment requires 2–4 units of Botox.


Your Chin

Do you have a dimpled chin? With 2–4 units of Botox, we can fix this problem for you.


Your Neck

Sagging neck muscles lead to vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the neck. These neck bands are one of the most alarming signs of aging. With 25–50 units of Botox, we can prevent your neck muscles from sagging. This greatly reduces these neck band wrinkles.


What To Do in Tarzana, CA To Look Younger

Botox can do many things to restore your natural appearance. But it doesn’t work in Tarzana, CA unless you do one thing: call us today to schedule your appointment at our Woodland Hills office. It really is that easy!

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