Sculptra & The Non-Surgical Butt Lift In Woodland Hills, CA

Sculptra is an exciting cosmetic procedure that can help to improve the appearance of your backside. It is also FDA approved for facial injection, to help naturally create volume, create lift, and improve the contour of the face. The treatment involves injecting a special gel into the areas of your buttocks or face that you would like to improve. The gel works to add volume and lift to the area, creating a more youthful and shapely appearance.

Sculptra is a non-surgical alternative to traditional butt lift surgery, and there is no downtime required after the treatment. If you are interested in getting Sculptra Non Surgical Butt Lift treatment in Woodland Hills CA, consider Raw Beauty Aesthetics. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the treatment and help you determine if Sculptra is right for you.

A Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt Lift Treatment in Woodland Hills, CA.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is the most advanced FDA Approved Collagen Bio-stimulator on the market. It is not a gel like HA Fillers, but instead, it stimulates your own body’s natural growth response to improve volume loss, and enhanced long-term growth of collagen. Sculptra is like a seed that is injected in the tissue, which stimulates the body’s healthy growth-response of collagen. Collagen is stronger than hyaluronic acid, and has results that last for many years, often 2 or more years for most people. The growth achieves from Sculptra is completely natural, and entirely made by your own body. Sculptra is just the growth enhancer. Like spreading seeds that will grow into collagen, and improve volume loss wherever necessary.

Where is Sculptra used?

Sculptra is mainly used in the cheeks, or the butt, to create stronger volume enhancement than fillers. Sculptra is mainly used in the face, for those who want longer lasting, and more natural growth of volume in the cheeks. It is not aimed at treating wrinkles, but instead, Sculptra provides deeper growth of volume, lifting the cheeks, and filling the volume loss that happens naturally due to aging.

What is a Sculptra Butt Lift?

A Sculptra Butt lift is a treatment using multiple vials of Sculptra to trigger systematic growth of collagen in the buttocks, and add size, volume, and curvature in the butt. It is used to increase the size and shape of your butt, and also to fill in hip-dips that have developed over time. It is perfect for someone trying to enhance the size of their butt, without the need or risks of surgery. Sculptra is a fast, and nearly painless treatment, with almost zero down-time. It can be done during a quick visit, typically less than an hour long. Since Sculptra is a Bio-Stimulator, it takes about 3 months for full growth to take place, and the results typically last around 2 or more years. The volume-growth from Sculptra is 100% natural, and made by your body’s own building-blocks of collagen and other nutrients. A Sculptra Butt Lift can give you the desired size, natural look, and fullness of the butt, with a much easier treatment than surgery. Sculptra is safe, and has been used for over 30 years.

Why Choose Sculptra As An Alternative to Traditional Butt Lift Surgeries?

As anyone who has looked into getting a butt lift knows, there are a variety of ways to achieve the desired results. However, each method comes with its own set of risks and recovery times. Traditional butt lift surgeries involve making incisions in the skin and then using either implants or fat grafts to add volume to the area. This can be a very invasive procedure with a lengthy recovery time. In contrast, Sculptra is a less invasive alternative that can still give you great results. Sculptra is injected into the areas that need volume, and it works to stimulate your body’s own collagen production. This not only gives you immediate results, but it also continues to improve over time. Additionally, there is minimal downtime with Sculptra, so you can quickly get back to your normal activities. For all of these reasons, Sculptra is an excellent alternative to traditional butt lift surgeries.

Who Can Get A Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt Lift Treatment?

The Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt Lift Treatment can be performed on anyone who is seeking to improve the appearance of their buttocks. It is highly suggested that the patient is in overall good health, not pregnant or attempting to get pregnant, or is breastfeeding. It is recommended to stop taking any kind of blood thinning medications or vitamins at least one week before the treatment. 

A patient who chooses to get a Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt Lift as an alternative to a traditional butt lift surgery usually makes this decision due to a variety of reasons. Some patients may not have the downtime required to heal from a traditional surgery or they may have health concerns that puts them in a high risk category for surgery. Traditional butt lift surgeries like the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) also require patients to have a significant amount of fat on their bodies so that it may be transferred to their buttocks (fat transfer via liposuction). Unfortunately many patients would not be candidates for that for a variety of health or personal reasons which is why a Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt Lift treatment would be a better option for the patient.

Where Can I Get A Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt Lift in Woodland Hills, CA?

Raw Beauty medical spa excitedly offers the Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt lift treatment at our state of the art facility, right here in Woodland Hills, CA. Raw Beauty proudly offers free consultations to all patients who may be interested to learn more if the Sculptra Butt Lift treatment is right for them. Book an appointment for your future treatment or consultation by calling (818) 446-6111 or using or integrated online booking feature by clicking the button below!


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