Scar Removal Treatment in Woodland Hills, CA

At Raw Beauty Medical Spa, we understand the impact that scars can have on your appearance and your self-confidence. Whether the result of a trauma, surgery, or acne, scars can be difficult to ignore. Our licensed practitioners offer a variety of effective treatments to help reduce the appearance of scars and promote healing. We specialize in scar removal treatments in Woodland Hills CA and can customize a treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Our scar removal treatments include microneedling, and the vampire facial treatment (otherwise known as Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma) We also offer PRP therapy, which uses your body’s own healing properties to diminish the appearance of scars. If you are looking for scar removal treatments in Woodland Hills CA, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Choose from one of the options below to learn more about our treatments for Scar Removal.

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