Facial Botox Breakdown!

Upper Face Tox Treatment using Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport helps relax muscle constrictions when making common facial expressions. 

The average person needs around 36- 48 Units of Neuromodulator to treat the entire upper face. 

The forehead lines (Frontalis Muscle) is one of the most common treated areas. As we raise up our eyebrows multiple times per day, we are causing permanent deep lines to form on the forehead.

Typical Dosage: 10 – 20 Units

The angry lines (Glabella Muscles) form deep vertical lines between the eyebrows, and often recruit diagonal lines on the nose (Bunny Lines). The angry lines are a deeper forming line, and once noticeable, may require multiple treatments to fix.

Typical Dosage: 12 – 20 Units

The Crows Feet (Orbicularis Muscle) softer wrinkles outside the eyes, and sometimes under the eyes as well. A light dose with a percise touch must be used here to preserve the natural luminosity of your smile, while still decreasing wrinkles. 

Typical Dosage: 8 – 16 Units

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