DermaMelan Intimate Treatment in Calabasas, CA

You’re experiencing hyperpigmentation that’s affecting your self-confidence and overall quality of life. Instead of trying to hide your skin discoloration, consider utilizing DermaMelan Intimate Depigmentation to correct intimate skin discoloration with a single procedure.

DermaMelan Intimate Depigmentation is a safe, innovative option for improving your skin’s tone and texture.

Packaging of Dermamelan Intimate. A hyperpigmentation treatment for women's intimate areas.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

If your body has excess melanin production, this can cause skin discoloration in your intimate areas, underarms, and inner and outer thighs.

The genital region, including the perianal area and mons pubis, is especially prone to intimate skin discoloration due to the high levels of melanocytes (the cells responsible for melanin production).

Some of the following factors contribute to hyperpigmentation:

  • Age: It’s common to experience melanin changes as you age
  • Genetics: Some people are genetically inclined to experience intimate skin discoloration
  • Hormonal changes (including menopause, puberty, and pregnancy): Hormonal changes can alter melanin levels
  • Sexual activities: Intercourse results in friction that increases the production of melanocytes, resulting in the darkening of the skin
  • Daily activities: Even normal daily activities, like walking, can cause the skin in the groin area to rub against one another
  • Hair removal: Shaving and some hair removal products cause inflammation that encourages skin discoloration

Though excessive melanocytes aren’t dangerous or a health concern, they can impact your self-esteem.

What is DermaMelan Intimate Treatment?

The DermaMelan Intimate treatment uses a chemical peel to reduce skin discoloration in the intimate areas, inner and outer thighs, and underarms.

All the ingredients in this medical peel are safe for sensitive areas. In addition to addressing hyperpigmentation, the ingredients will improve your skin’s elasticity, tone, and texture.

How Does DermaMelan Intimate Treatment Work?

The DermaMelan Intimate depigmentation treatment uses an in-office phase and an at-home phase to address skin discoloration.

For the in-office portion, your medical practitioner first cleanses the treatment area. Then, they apply the mesolips protector to prevent the chemical peel solution from migrating. The DermaMelan intimate peeling solution is then applied and left in place for 7 minutes.

After 7 minutes, the post-peel neutralizing spray is used. Your medical practitioner then applies a layer of DermaMelan Intimate mask over the treatment area, using the mesolips protector if needed.

The DermaMelan Intimate occlusive film is then put in place to encourage the activation of the medical peel’s ingredients. Once the mask is placed, you’re permitted to go home.

You’ll need to remove the DermaMelan Intimate occlusive film and mask after two hours using an intimate cleansing product. Next, you apply a post-procedure intimate mask and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

After 48 hours from the end of the in-office portion of the procedure, you’ll use the DermaMelan Intimate home depigmenting gel cream.

The duration and frequency that you use the DermaMelan intimate home depigmenting gel cream depend on the severity of your intimate skin discoloration. Most individuals will use the depigmenting cream for three months.

Who’s a Good Candidate for DermaMelan?

A great thing about the DermaMelan Intimate medical peel is that’s safe for skin types. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an active skin infection, you’ll need to postpone your DermaMelan Intimate Depigmentation appointment.

How Long Does It Take to See Results After a DermaMelan Medical Peel?

While you’ll likely notice some improvement in your skin discoloration within a week, it takes a month to see more dramatic results. With three months of consistent usage of the at-home depigmentation gel, you should see your final results.

For most individuals, one DermaMelan Intimate medical peel is all they need to achieve their desired results. However, if you suffer from extreme hyperpigmentation, you might need to undergo a second round of the DermaMelan treatment.

You can safely schedule another DermaMelan session three to six months after your previous DermaMelan procedure.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The results from a DermaMelan medical peel are long-lasting, but to prolong your results, it’s best to make lifestyle changes that minimize future intimate skin discoloration.

For example, when shaving or removing hair in sensitive or intimate areas, you should opt for a method that minimizes irritation. Consider using a thick, moisturizing shave gel designed for sensitive skin.

Avoid clothing that causes a lot of rubbing in your intimate areas, like tight-fitting pants, shorts, or underwear.

How to Schedule a DermaMelan Intimate Chemical Peel in Calabasas

Want to learn more about the DermaMelan Intimate procedure to see if it’s right for you? Contact Raw Beauty Aesthetics online or by calling 818-446-6111 to schedule a consultation.

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